Destination: Gotland 

I’m currently on a ferry to Turku sailing through the Archipelago Sea. 

Since leaving jolly old England we’ve been cycling 24 days and 1300 miles. So it isn’t that surprising that we decided a holiday was in order. Originally I was keen on going to the island of Oland but we noticed on the map that we could take a ferry to Gotland and then another one back further up the coast. After much deliberation over the cost (£90 there, £60 back) we decided to get on with it and go.

The ferry left at 18.30 so we arrived around 21.00 and were treated to our first beautiful sunset on the island.

We camped at 22.00 in the garden area of a church, as no way were we going to pay for a campsite we couldn’t relax in all afternoon.

The next day we cycled back to Visby, the only city on the island. It has a massive fortified wall partly to protect town traders from farmers angry at the monopoly over trade.

Inside the city was just as impressive, with a mix of ruins and buildings.

After the great sunset when we arrived, we spent the following day getting into position for the next one. We cycled up the west coast and found a small fishing harbour to swim in. We pitched the tent in the woodland above the beach and then sat down to enjoy the sunset.

The sunset eclipsed the previous one in terms of beauty, maybe because we had time to find the best spot to see it.

Gotland is famous for its Rauk Stacks, the best ones are on the northernmost island but there are also many scattered around on the main island.

We saw our final special sunset from the east coast, I have a feeling that if we had seen it over the sea it may have been the best one yet.

The next stage of the tour is up to Stockholm and then across to the Aland islands and the Archipelago sea.


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