Reaching the Baltic Sea

Denmark is the first country we’ve cycled that properly borders the Baltic and so after nearly a week we have reached the beginning of the planned Baltic route.  The route is to cycle up through Denmark along the coasts of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany. In Germany we stop off in Dusseldorf which signifies the end to the Baltic Sea tour and we start the process of getting home again. 

Our first Danish town was Nykøbing Falster, and the first town to truly feel European. The streets were full of colourful umbrellas hanging down and there was a traditional market selling all kinds of interesting foods. 

We took the the old bridge to Denmark’s main island, as the new one is immensely busy. It turned out to be a good decision as we had a wonderful view of a sparkling pathway over the water. 

A small problem travelling through so many countries is that we don’t know the languages. So our knowledge of Danish is limited and shopping is sometimes guess work. We spotted this carton in the milk section of a supermarket. It turned out to be fermentated yoghurt, originating from Mongolia! Needless to say, our tea tasted odd. 

In the late afternoon we swam from a pier by the campsite and enjoyed the blazing sunshine. Swimming consisted of constantly dodging hundreds of clear jellyfish. In the evening there was a beautiful sunset and in the distance by the bridge we had cycled a building reflected the sun, seeming as if it was on fire. 

The next day we spoke to a local further up the coast and he explained that the white jellyfish are the bad stingers, the clear ones we swam with are ‘just a bit nasty’.

The next day we arrived at Copenhagen and spent Sunday resting and exploring the city. 


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