Cycling through the Netherlands 

Before we start the Baltic Sea route proper we need to get to it. This amounted to catching a ferry from Hull to Hook of Holland and cycling for miles along the flat through the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. 

The boat took 12 hours overnight and so a cabin in compulsory. We thought the outside looked more like a prison ship than an €200 overnight stay. 

The Dutch like to eat raw herring by sliding it straight down into your mouth. None of us were keen enough to try it though…

It was blazing sunshine when we arrived in the morning so we spent the day exploring the Hague. Including Binnenhof, the Dutch houses of Parliament.

The statement that the Netherlands is one of the best countries to tour is completely accurate. We cycled for days along wide, flat cycle paths, and loved not dealing with busy roads. 

There are so many beautiful stretches through beech woodland, as well as other trees.

The cycle lanes stretched for miles, often with no one in sight when between towns. 

We saw loads of canals with magical floating bridges (for the boats to go under).

And countless windmills, many of which are converted into homes. 

A really special area we were shown by our hosts one night was the ‘Venice of the North’. So called because every house is on its own island, surrounded by canals.

Our final view of the Netherlands was a beautiful sunset over a canal. The next day we went over the border into Germany. 

But not before a final avenue of trees.


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