The Baltic Sea cycle tour

Phase 1: Ireland

The first phase of our summer cycling tour is complete! We spent over a month cycling through Ireland to the west coast and then up and back via Belfast. The total mileage was 1500 miles over 32 days.  You can read about the Ireland tour in these posts:

Part 1: Winding Westwards

Part 2: Starting the Wild Atlantic Way

Part 3: The Wild Atlantic

Part 4: Causeway Coastal Route

Phase 2: Eurovelo10 – Baltic Sea Route

The next phase is to cycle around the Baltic Sea, or Eurovelo 10. The whole route is 8000km (5000 miles!) but for obvious reasons we are avoiding Russia which shortens it a tiny amount. We will visit eight countries and experience a huge variety of cultures and sights. 

We were telling a friend of the plan and the response we got was ‘do you realise that it’s a shorter distance from Malmo (bottom of Sweden) to Rome than it is from Malmo to the tip of Sweden?’ Of course,  we aren’t cycling to the very north but the distance is no less daunting. 


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