Hartland Moor Cycle

A beautiful ride indeed. I cycled along Bournemouth seafront and then across on the chain ferry to Studland. First stop on the ride was to try and find Old Harry Rocks, I tried in first year but kept seeing them on a different cliff to the one I was on (it got very frustrating). This time I was determined to find them, even though it meant walking/riding along a coastal path for 20 minutes with my bike. The question in my mind was: how far can you force a road bike along gravel tracks before getting a puncture? Fortunately for me, very far!

Once I finally found Old Harry, they were looking amazing in the sunshine, I stopped for a quick break and took some photos.

The views along the Purbeck Hills to Corfe Castle are stunning, and also a good place to go ridiculously fast down hill.

Stopped for a break by Corfe Castle and recieved the official phone call that I was now an uncle. Climbing the hill for signal gave me a good view of the castle too.
I made some friends, and discovered Arne beach.

I do confess to getting a bit lost in Poole, the roads there are why I hardly ever go out that way. New Forest is much easier to navigate without looking at a map constantly.


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