New Forest Exploration

I’ve finished university! To celebrate handing in my dissertation I decided to explore more of the New Forest and fill in a few blank spots that I haven’t covered before.

I found a woodland full of Beech trees in their spring growth. It looks perfect for some camping or hammocking, provided it stays dry.

My lack of exercise over the past few months caught up to me about half way around, I spotted a comfty looking tree and had a quick nap! Rhinefield Ornamental Drive is beautiful area to walk around, the Giant Redwoods and Douglas Fir trees are in contrast to the oak and beech covering the rest of the forest.

The original route was down the A338 towards Ringwood for a few miles but when I got there the traffic was too busy. So I went straight across and explored down a small lane, hoping it would curl back south  – it didn’t. The trouble with Dorset is that its littered with mansions and vast gardens that appear to link up roads on the map, but in reality there’s a massive gate in the way. On the plus side, I found a nice church.

Ellingham – St Mary All Saints

I made surprisingly good speed overall on the ride, my last ride in the New Forest will be a sad business indeed. If the weather holds up I plan to go across to Old Harry Rocks tomorrow, and then maybe Kimmeridge at the weekend.



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