Dorset Bluebells Cycle

London Road amidst the bluebells

I’ve always liked bluebell woods and recently noticed they had once again started appearing. I researched bluebell woods in Dorset and found the nearest is in Pamphill. It’s only 10 miles away so I extended the ride a little bit.

It was probably the most exploratory cycling ride I’ve done this year. I glimpsed some water through some shrubbery and bashed my way through stinging nettles to find a  secluded swamp.

And then later on I took a wrong turn and found a steep hill, I slogged up it and discovered the road ended and a bridleway started. Not wanting to waste the effort spent climbing the hill I carried on and hoped I wouldn’t get a puncture. As I cycled along I thought that the bridleway looked like a runway. Turns out it is, and was home to the RAF Glider Squadron Regiment from 1943 to 1980.

The final notable bit of the ride was discovering another bluebell wood that was even more impressive than the first.

The route:



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