Tour of the Schlösser

Schloss Linnep

The walk begung at Schloss Linnep, a striking water castle that has existed since 1090, though been rebuilt many times since then. It was the home to the knights and lords of Linnep until the mid 1400’s and then various lordly families. It was my favourite castle we visited today.

Schloss Hugenpoet

After Linnep we walked on towards Landsberg Schloss. I noticed another building surrounded by water and so we managed to discover a third Schloss.

The name can be interpreted as ‘toad’s nest’ and may be an indication of the swampy floodplains surrounding it. Nowadays it is a 5* hotel.


The final Schloss on our walk is a privately owned and so we couldn’t get close however we did see the new residential tower built in 1992. It’s supposedly built in a similar style to the main castle complex though I think the main castle probably looks way better.

Tomorrow we will hopefully visit more schloss!

And in case you are wondering…
Schloss – a château, palace, or manor house.
Schlösser – multiple schloss.


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