Exploring Ahrweiler

The weekend was spent in Ahrweiler, a town famous for its spas and 2000 years of red wine production. Visiting in April meant that the vines weren’t in leaf but we got splendid views of the bare vineyards.

The vineyards are built in rugged cliffs, at times there are only two rows of grapevine before another wall raises it the ground higher.  A small track winds inbetween the vines up the hill.

Nestled into the hill above the vineyard is Weingut Försterhof, an unusual building that proudly claims to have no pointy corners.  It’s a popular place for wine tasting and visiting the vineyards.

The woodland was covered in Wood Anemones, a small white flower that carpets the ground.

Many of the houses in Ahrweiler are built in the fachwerkhäuser style, similar to Tudor buildings in England.  Down the street is one of the old fortification gates into the city.

The church in Arhweiler is a beautiful blend of yellow and white.


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