Discovering Düsseldorf

See Day 1 here: Welcome to Germany

The second morning in Germany was boring. I spent it secluded in the house writing my dissertation, I wanted to get a lot of writing done by 1pm so we could look around Düsseldorf in the afternoon.

We started off the afternoon by catching the tram across the city to Nordpark, a large public garden near the Rhine.

There were a lot of Daffodils, including this variety that I haven’t come across before.

We then walked up the Rhine and towards the bridge, we needed to get towards the skyscraper in the middle.
From the skyscraper we then struck into the city, passing by Fatty and Skinny having a staring contest. Pretty grotesque sculptures.
We then headed towards the famous königsallee, Germany’s busiest high-end shopping street. The clothes were expensive and not very practical looking!
We finished the day walking between Düssledorf’s famous breweries. The first of which was Uerige, a building that can be traced back to the 1600’s. It is one of the few remaining independant breweries, yet outputs an amazing 3.5 million pints a year.

The beer was bitter, but had no body. After taking a sip the taste would vanish off the tongue. It’s like the German equivilent to an English ale but is different in many ways.

Tomorrow we go to Ahrweiler!


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