Across to the Isle of Wight

I went over to the Isle of Wight for the first time today, which is surprising considering I’ve lived in Bournemouth almost four years. There was little time for sightseeing, though I also saw Portsmouth for the first time, and we had a good view of Spinnaker Tower.


Lunch was spent at the Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge. I highly recommend trying their fantastic ‘classic burger’. The photo below  was stolen from their website and is the Italian version.


After lunch we went for a stroll along the beach by Bembridge Harbour, as we walked along the sand I spotted driftwood polished by the sea. It shone in the sunlight, much like when you spot a slow worm in the garden from the corner of your eye (no photo yet unfortunately).

I imagine most people would have passed it by as being too large, and too dirty  but then most people wouldn’t really think the following a valid line of thought. I asked my father:

” Is the saw in the car?”

“Yes, it’s in the boot.”

So we turned around, fetched it and started sawing up the wood. It’s probably worth mentioning that we were both wearing suits. A woman walking her dog came past, as she came parallel I happened to exclaim “I’m getting sand in my eyes!” She probably thought it a most peculiar scene, two men in suits with a saw, on a windy beach, wrestling with a piece of wood. She carried on smiling as she walked up the beach. When I’m next home I’ll tidy it up and turn it into an ornament.

Isle of Wight driftwood


Fortune came my way when we missed the 5pm ferry. Not many people are happy to miss a ferry, but the delay meant that we were sailing as the sun finished setting:


And arriving at Portsmouth in the dark, the city looks so much better at night.





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