Into the Mist

The last three days have been foggy in Bournemouth, many of us are starting to forget what the sun feels like. The first foggy day was spent revising, the second doing the exam, but today was for the first long ride of 2017!

The first bit of the ride was to Wimborne Minster. I was slowly going up a hill and saw a decrepit old graveyard sign a little too late and thought it would look good in the fog. I made a rapid swerve, had a fist shaken at me, and then found a scene better than expected. Not one, but two steeples.

misty-church-2The whole motivation for the ride was to see the Badbury Avenue of trees in the fog, I would never have left the house otherwise. Braving the cold for 2 and a half hours was worth the photo! Though my toes were frozen by the end.

badbury-avenueFor comparative purposes, here is the same avenue of trees from a similar ride mid-summer last year (from the opposite direction).

Bradbury Rings trees photo


Badbury Avenue and the London Road

The remainder of the ride was making my way back home, the fog shrouded nearly everything and I was getting too tired to keep stopping. Not exercising all winter really does make a difference.

The Ride

into-the-mist-rideThat little loop in Wimborne Minster is taking a wrong turn, spending five minutes going up a hill and 20 seconds going down the other side.




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