A Cycling Recap – 2016

I wanted to create this update before 2016 is too far gone in the rear-view mirror. It’s simply a recap of where I’ve cycled over the year. Cycling as a hobby started in February when I bought the London Road bike, and then I went out most weekends and occasionally after work. Admittedly, it tapered off towards the end of the year with starting university again and the cold weather. But I am still pleased with the amount I did.

In 2016, I cycled:

1911 miles – 3085km
365 hours – 376 rides (inc. commutes)

2016 cyclingAnd a Strava ‘My Year in Sport’ video

It’s doubtful that I will beat 3000km this year, there’s too much university work that needs doing. However, I do plan to explore towards Wareham a bit more as that area is looking a bit neglected.

My favourite photo from cycling has to be the oak tree somewhere near Braggars Lane in the New Forest. I always stop and have a quick rest before carrying on. It’s not the quietest spot in the world but it has a nice feel to it.

Favorite oak

The main rides:
Durdle Door Gran Fondo
Witchampton Ride
First New Forest Gran Fondo
The Turning Point
Bournemouth to Southampton
BUBUG Swanage
Blashford Lakes
Cycle Route 25
Hurst Castle
Isle of Portland Gran Fondo


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