2017 New Year Goals

2017 has begun, and for most it is a time to consider New Years resolutions. I’ve never been any good at that, so instead I’m trying a different approach suggested by a cousin. Instead of resolutions I will be making New Year goals. The first couple are in relation to this website…

  • I want to grow the reader base, and the best way to do that is to start early. To that end I have created a Facebook page, please pop along and ‘like’ it here: Exploration Journal
  • Guest writers, I hope for a couple over the year.
  • Finish documenting my travels from the last few years, I have a couple of backpacking trips that still need posting.
  • I also want to keep up my cycling, it tapered off a bit towards the end of 2016 but as soon as the weather improves I plan to be out there again.
  • And of course I need to improve my artistic skills, so I will draw more digital art and attempt to experiment more with photography.

Now, onto more worrisome things…

  • I’m in my final year, so I have a number of university related goals. The most urgent of which is my dissertation, which will undoubtedly impact my other activities. I hope to keep a nice balance between the two though, it’s not healthy to slog away at just one thing for six months. This resolution can be simply summed up as ‘graduate’.
  • Then, I’m off on holiday for a few months, during which I plan to forage up plenty of interesting stories and live up to the ‘exploration’ name of the site.
  • And to top off the year, I’ll return and find a suitable job for an IT graduate.

It will be a year full of change for me, and though moving on is somewhat daunting I look forward to this next stage. In that theme of things, here is a mushroom just starting its life in a Cornish hedgerow.

new mushroom


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