I was up in Malvern for a wedding last weekend and arrived early afternoon on the Friday. We walked up towards a hill with a folly on top (Parsons Folly), on the way back we spotted a flock of Starlings doing their dance. This was the first time I’ve seen Starlings up close and was amazed by the display.

In winter, many Starlings cross over the North Sea to Britain and form roosts. Roosts are often several thousand birds strong, but can get as big as a few million (especially in the Somerset Levels). A million birds forming a complex dance in the sky is one of natures most entrancing spectacles.

Appearance wise, they are small birds, and have a strange appearance when you see them up close. In summer the feathers a mix of purple and green with a glossy sheen, but in winter their feathers turn a dark brown with bright white flecks. Squat little birds, they have an upright posture and are confident both in the air and on foot.


Flight of the Starlings

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