Isle of Portland Gran Fondo

osmington white horse

The Osmington White Horse

Last Wednesday I finally got round to doing my last long ride for the year (probably). It was from my home in Bournemouth all the way to the Isle of Portland, 65km away, and what I hoped would be 130km in total.

I checked the weather forecast – and all was good. But unfortunately I never checked the wind speed, I was amazed at how easy the first half of the ride was, but upon starting the journey back I was fighting a constant 40+ km/h wind and could barely move. My average speed dropped from 25km/h to 21.


Weymouth – the town just before the Isle and so signified the nearly halfway point.

Portland Bridge

The bridge of land connecting the Isle to the mainland.

The draining force of the wind forced me to end the ride at Wool on the way back and catch the train home, if I had decided to carry on it would have been another 35km, bringing the total distance near to 150km (93 miles), which would have been verging on insanity. I decided that 115km was a respectable distance and I had achieved everything I set out to do.

The Isle of Portland
Portland Lighthouse

Portland Bill Lighthouse

Sea of light

The Pirate Graveyard

One of the main reasons I cycle is to see points of interest around where I live, the reason I chose the Isle of Portland was for its supposed Pirate Graveyard at Ope Cove.

Ppe Cove

The entrance to Ope Cove

Pirate gravestone

One of the pirate graves. Many of the gravestones are decorated with the Skull and Crossbones, though the likely reason is to show our mortality rather than a pirate was buried there.

Overall it was one of the most scenic rides I’ve been on, but the distance and environmental conditions also made it one of the most exhausting.

What interesting places have you cycled to in your home area?

The Route:



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