Hurst Castle Cycle

Hurst Spit, 1.5 miles of pebbles.

Hurst Spit, 1.5 miles of pebbles.

I managed to roll myself out of bed early (its getting harder as it gets colder) this weekend to do a cycle I had been planning for months but always cycled somewhere else instead. I’ve got a fascination with castles and wanted to cycle to Hurst Castle to walk along the spit that connects it to the mainland and see whether it ranks amongst my favourite castles.

Hurst Castle and Lighthouse

Hurst Castle and Lighthouse

I realised about 10 minutes in that I had made a huge mistake deciding to walk along the spit. The ground consisted of loose pebbles and so couldn’t be ridden on with a road bike, I’m not one to show defeat so struggled on despite the odd looks I was probably getting. It felt like a very long three miles there and back again.

Walk along the Spit

I would highly NOT recommend doing that walk whilst carrying a bike. Because, 1. Its hard work, and 2. You can’t go inside the castle (unless you wisely carry a lock). Unfortunately, I only saw the outside but I’m sure the inside was a lot more interesting.

Me Carrying the Bike

The Route

Hurst Ride


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