Location spotlight: Horton Tower

Horton Tower distance

Horton Tower is in Horton, Dorset and is an architectural folly designed by Humphrey Sturt in 1750. Built in gothic style, it is a impressive six stories high with a fireplace half way up.

Local legend has it that it was built by Sturt as a viewing platform from which he could watch the hunts when he was too old to ride. Not the most impressive legend but it adds to the history of the building and gives an insight into the wealth of the local MP.

Horton Tower 2

As is the way with modern life, Vodaphone have found a new use for it by fixing mobile phone signal masts near the top, however the masts are low profile and Vodaphone’s use of the tower means that it won’t be crumbling away as a forgotten relic of the eccentric upper class anytime soon.

Definition: A folly is “a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin.”


The Wizard’s Tower

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