9 drawing

Two years ago I was with my family looking around shops in Guildford for wedding outfits as my sister was getting married the next year. I was bored. Then I noticed a bowler hat on a stand and snapped a quick photo thinking to myself that it would make a good thing to draw at some point. More than two years later, here is that drawing!

The bowler9 Movie Poster -







For those who haven’t come across 9, its an animated film about rag dolls in a post-apocalyptic future where humans are extinct and the rag dolls are being hunted by machines. 9 has recently woken up and persuades the others that it is time to go on the offensive. I’ve given you a quick overview, now go watch it! Its definitely worth it, the visuals are stunning and the atmosphere a blend of creepy and enchanting.


A rag doll called 9

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