Bournemouth to Southampton

I cycled through the New Forest to Southampton on Friday. The highlights were a front tyre puncture in Burley (just after turning around because I took a wrong turn!) and the lovely views which I didn’t take enough photos of. I was initially planning on continuing down towards Portsmouth but I got annoyed with all the large, unfamiliar roads in Southampton so cut it short and hopped on the train for the remainder of the way.

The photos below are taken using my phone so not superb quality, but they do show off the lovely evening I had!

Estuary view

A view of Southampton Water, an estuary on the west side of the city.

2016-07-22 19.54.20

Down towards Portsmouth, fields of wheat blowing in the wind.


I believe these are altocumulous clouds..?

Shadow of a bike and the rider.

The route:
Route map


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