The Plan

The Exploration Journal has officially been around for a week! Though you may have noticed a few posts date back a couple of years, mainly because that’s when they happened and also because I wanted to create a bit of back history to the site for people digging around.

I am aware of the massive diversity of the content here – one minute I’m writing an article on tramping through the Alpine wilderness in France, the next I’m showing some art or showcasing a photo I’m proud of. I imagine the majority of peoples interest varies from post to post. For that reason I’m going to try and alternate my posts, so when you scroll down the chronological posts page it isn’t all photographs, or isn’t all about cycling and so on. I think it is better to scroll and have a sudden pleasant image then be flicking through sixty photos a minute where it all becomes a blur. Hopefully this will help showcase my photography and increase memorability to you guys – the regulars and the visitors. I will definitely do a photo showcase at some point during each week where I post a photo with a poll as well for you to vote on the next weeks photo category.

In  terms of what’s happening in the immediate future, this post is a general update and the next one will probably be a cycle route recap as I’m planning on doing 80km down past Southampton after work.


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