Back home for my birthday!

I went back to Cornwall for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday with a big family party.

We spent the Saturday on the beach at Crackington Haven, but England being England and Cornwall being all Cornish the weather wasn’t great. As the photo shows, we sunbathed in a heavy sea fog. But what it doesn’t show is that it was actually quite warm and although we couldn’t see very far it was hot enough to be in shorts and tshirt – until the wind picked up, then it got chilly fast!

21st Crackington mist

My cousin who now lives in Italy visited with her two young boys so we grabbed a bucket, a net and a crabbing line to go catch some fish. I turned out to be not very good at it, but my younger brother caught these lovely chaps:
Photo of a fish

(side note, we returned them to a big rock pool of course!)

The rest of the weekend went really well, my dad had recently bought a fire pit and so we had pork strips cooked over a fire in the garden. I would recommend trying out the firepit/pan combo, it has all the joys of a barbecue or bonfire without the mess that comes with them.

A fire pit and pan


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