The Waves of Life

I’m sitting on a train thinking about life in general and started to think about how is interesting that many events at university, and indeed life, come in waves. The most obvious is assignments during the first year. You get set them one after another and then a month or so later you realise that there are three deadlines all within a few weeks, and then they pass and it calms down a bit before the next onslaught. I look back and remember the worry when I started each one and compare it to when I finish a piece of work and wonder why I ever felt worried.

What I am currently experiencing now is the wave upon wave of placement searches, I applied to a few around Christmas  and then in January I had a phone interview with G.E, an hour later Mars (not the planet!) rang wanting one and the day after Mars I received one from HP. I felt myself gradually improving as each one went past though none of the three mentioned accepted me. That was the first wave, I had a couple ebbs as a few more called and then the tidal wave came in. I am currently writing this on the way to Birmingham for an assessment centre with Eaton, this morning I received two more emails asking me to attend an interview in Maidenhead (AbbVie) and also one in Exeter (MET office). I am hoping that this ‘wave’ will be the one that carries me onwards through my placement year and hopefully beyond final year as well.

Onto more relaxing (and possibly interesting) things. I have developed a plan over Easter to cycle around the Hebrides in Scotland with a friend for about ten days. We will travel up to Glasgow and then onwards to Fort William, from there the plan get a little hazy but the essence is cycling up through Skye and across to the top of North Uist and then back down. Depending on time, we may also extend it up to Harris and Lewis but that will most likely be a last minute decision. When I get home I’ll try and post the kit we’re taking and how we plan to survive with just our bikes in the Scottish Hebrides.

–Edit– 24/03/15

I searched ‘waves of life’ on Google and discovered there is an element of psychology in it, and is also the main theme of a poem.


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