WrompleBird Digital Art – Part 1

I recently bought the small Intuos Pen Graphics Tablet for £49, after a stupendous mess up by UPS (see bottom of page) I finally had it ready to use. All I can say is that its wonderful! People say that after using one you will never want to go back to drawing with a mouse, and after a bit of practice I agree! Initially I just used the tablet for the painting and selected brushes, colours and other options with the mouse but now I’ve nearly fully converted. Now I’m familiar with it, my interest in digital art has rocketed and I can’t wait to develop my skills further.

My first attempt after doing some doodles is the WrompleBird, shown below. Its based off a little hand-made model at my grandparents house, which I’ll show in the finished piece article.
The animation below shows its first key development, from having the shell spiral eyes to changing them into horns and the eyes becoming eagle-like above the beak. Feedback from friends mostly was that the horns looked better, so I’ve been focusing on finishing the horns version and will do a quick edit towards the end to create a spiral eyes bird.


The mess up by UPS was that they delivered it to some guy down the road and failed to tell me. First off, the seller was great! In fact it actually arrived a day earlier than expected though that made no difference as I didn’t know about it. I checked the tracking a few days after it should have arrived and discovered that it had be signed for by Grant, who I don’t know. I had to go house to house waking up out-of-it students until I finally found Grant.

All UPS had to do was leave me a note and everything would’ve been fine!



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